The potential of blockchain technology in Africa is unimaginable, now more than ever we stand a chance to leverage on technology and build Africa to become a land of milk, gold and honey.

We at KuBitX are advocating for blockchain adoption across Africa by African states, entrepreneurs and all parties…

6 ways to earn with the KuBitX Business Ambassador Program
6 ways to earn with KuBitX Business Acquisition Program (BAP)

6 ways to earn with KuBitX Business Ambassadors Program (BAP)

  • KuBitX direct referral commission — 10%
  • 2nd level — indirect referral commission — 3%
  • 3rd level indirect referral commission — 1%
  • Cash back for buyers 1%
  • Business ambassador program bonuses
  • Company equity

Direct Referral

  • Direct referral commission of 10% applies when you sign up people on the exchange and they buy KBX…
Our Ambassadors will be taking the gospel of KBX to the streets of Africa and will be rewarded for it.

We have built so much utility for our native token. It is now time to get KBX into the hands of as many people as possible and we have a plan for this. We call it our Business Ambassadors Program (BAP). …

Ready Trader One. Let’s get you some updates.

buy digital assets directly on the exchange using your local debit card, from anywhere.

Improved Liquidity and Local Debit Card Support

Straight to the point. KuBitX Exchange has received an injection of life starting with our BTC/USDT market. …

KBX Token Swap from Ethereum Blockchain to Stellar blockchain

User Guide

The long anticipated token swap to precede the listing and trading of KBX is finally here. Let’s just cut to the chase and show you what to do to migrate your tokens from Ethereum to Stellar blockchains.

First some…

KuBitX Exchange

KuBitX is a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on education, inclusion and adoption.

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