It’s competition time at KuBitX and we are feeling super generous. We have some very cool prizes up for grabs,

An adventurous all expenses paid safari to the Masai Mara Game Reserve which is situated in south-west Kenya and is one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves.

A whopping 20 000kbx tokens.

Really cool Swag.

Anyone can enter. All you have to do is a few simple tasks to gain entry points.

Earn 1 KBX Token Per Each 10 Entries. Complete each task to accumulate more entry points.

What are entry points?

Entry points are earned for completing activities listed in the contest. The tasks reward between 10 and 15,000 entry points. Not all tasks give you the same number of points.

The first person to reach 200 000 Entry Points will WIN 20 000KBX Tokens.

Please use this link when signing up to whitelist.

Step 1 — To enter click here

Step 2 — Click “Sign Me Up!”

Step 3 — Fill in your information

Step 4 — Confirm your email address

Step 5 — You will see a page like this.

Step 6 — Touch the task you wish to complete. It will expand like the image below and viola you completed a task and you are one step closer to winning.

Viral Video Competition: Show us some LOVE

We will reward our community members who create videos and share them on their social media, and those who promote KuBitX on their social media pages.

Participants are to upload a video to any video sharing or social media platform of their liking and submit the URL to the Contest Tracking Form.

The videos will cover the following topics:

Video Option 1

Video duration: 1–2 minutes

Looking at the camera, the contest participant will answer the following:

  • What is KuBitX?
  • Why are you so excited about it?

Reward: 10,000 Entry Points

Video Option 2

Video duration: 1–2 minutes

A short video explaining:

  • The Global Channel Ambassadors Program
  • How KuBitX can unite Africa with Blockchain?

Reward: 10, 000 Entry Points

Video Option 3

Video duration: 1–2 minutes

Explain in your native tongue:

  • What is KuBitX?
  • Why are you so excited about it?
  • Add English subtitle

Reward: 15,000 Entry Points

Each submitted video will be reviewed for quality, content, and delivery of the message. Only videos that meet the requirements will be admitted to the campaign.

You can submit more than one video to gain more entry points.

The Top 3 Participants with the most entries will win Prize #1 as follows.

Prize #1: Total 3 Prizes

Rank # 1: Win 20,000 KBX Tokens

Rank # 2: Win 15,000 KBX Tokens

Rank # 3: Win 10,000 KBX Tokens

Prize #2: All Entrants with 25,000 or more entries will win a choice of their KuBitX team swag: A Hoodie or T-Shirt. Valued at $80.00

Prize #3: Earn 1 KBX token for every 10 Entry Points. Earn more entry points by completing tasks.

Prize #4 Participant are encouraged to share their referral link after whitelisting for the TGE to friends and family.

The participant with the highest referral contribution to the Token Generation Event will win the GRAND Reward of an all expenses paid SAFARI package for TWO to Kenya. (Airfare Included)

Good Luck! Have Fun! We look forward to viewing your masterpieces :)

All information about KuBitX can be found on our Website or Telegram.

We are also hosting an AMA session on the 18 November 2018 on our Telegram channel for those who are serious about winning ask the team anything.

KuBitX is a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on education, inclusion and adoption.